Frisbie Memorial Hospital selected Fulcrum for their Psychiatric Holding project within their existing Emergency Department. With no existing psychiatric facilities within the hospital, this project was intended to improve the capacity of the hospital to better serve their community by adding specially designed spaces for psychiatric patients in need of safe spaces to stay during transition to other facilities. This project is not only important to the community but is also a requirement of the State as part of the purchase of the hospital by HCA. Fulcrum has worked with the hospital and the architect to find solutions to several changes associated with renovations within an active hospital in an older building that has seen a number of renovations already.

Broken into two separate phases, Fulcrum first renovated the new clean and soiled utility rooms to support the active ED and renovated existing spaces to create a paramedic office / EMS lounge. Phase two included the renovation of the existing ED to add four psychiatric safe holding rooms as well as two flexible holding rooms.

Fulcrum employed the use of specialty containment systems to create a more durable and clean appearance while still allowing hospital ICRA programs to be adhered to. Working in an active ED, Fulcrum is required to ensure minimal impact to the activities of the department, and this is just one way to achieve this.