Design & Build

Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one entity — the design-build team — works under a single contract with the project owner to provide total design and construction services.

Utilizing this approach, an owner typically provides the design-builder with a programmatic detail of the building it desires, specifying the size, types of spaces and acceptable construction types and materials, etc. The design-builder then prepares a firm, fixed price to design and construct the project.

Fulcrum — A Design-Build Leader

The design-build process offers a number of benefits for owners. Most noteworthy are an early identification of a firm, fixed project price and earlier project start and completion timeframe.

Fulcrum’s design-build process utilizes a team of experienced designers with direct experience in the owner’s particular project. That means you get the best design specialists available who have extensive experience in contracting for your specific business type or institutional field.

Generally, only owners that have established experience in the construction industry decide to undertake the design-build approach.  But for those owners that do, Fulcrum is a leader in the design-build process and we welcome the opportunity to further review with you our unique capabilities. We’ll show you how the Fulcrum design-build process maximizes benefits and completes your project right on time and squarely on budget.