Fulcrum was founded in 1989 during a real estate and banking crisis. At the time, construction work was non-existent, so we focused on providing consulting services for banks with distressed real estate assets. Thankfully, the market steadily rebounded, and Fulcrum persevered back to our original goal: to become a major player in the regional construction industry.

Fast forward to 2017, and Fulcrum is currently leading the industry as a well-known Construction Management firm. We have substantial experience constructing high-performance buildings, and have grown our reputation for delivering highly complex projects under difficult circumstances and aggressive timelines. Don’t believe us? Check out our “Project Portfolio”. Though we are a family-run business, Fulcrum has the execution capabilities of an ENR100 firm.
Here at Fulcrum, our culture is based on four “Core Values”. Whether you are a client, business partner, or simply a visitor, these Values will be demonstrated throughout every situation. They are the key to our success and we will continue to exemplify them to our fullest.

Our Core Values
#1 An exceptionally satisfied client
#2 A job we are proud to have our name on
#3 Fair and equitable treatment of team members and stake holders
#4 A fair profit, only after we fulfill our first three values