Construction Management

Over the past 20 years, we have had the privilege of managing some of the most exciting and complex construction projects in New Hampshire and beyond. Our broad sector experience, and the investment in the best people and technology, sets us apart from our competition and brings the most benefit to our clients.

The typical construction “low bid” process does not guarantee maximum value. In fact, all too often contractors cut corners to win bids, sacrificing quality and increasing risks at the owner’s expense. At Fulcrum, we can guarantee value without losing quality because of our unique, comprehensive construction management system. FulcrumPrecon combines precision planning with cutting-edge construction software tools to better define project outcomes and costs. It’s a collaborative process with the client that reduces the risks and delivers added value to our clients.

Your success is our success. Every sub-contract, all project costs, invoices and details are an open book and there are no surprises like sudden project delays or huge cost overruns.

From the initial concept to project completion, we facilitate and coordinate the construction process to mitigate complex problems for our clients and resolve issues before they become issues.

At Fulcrum, we organize construction management teams based on each client’s specific needs and the overall project requirements. We assign the best people to work on your project, and our teams use the latest computer tools to report, monitor and make real-time adjustments in the field as they are needed.

Trust in every detail. Truth in everything we do.
Our proprietary project management process keeps your project on course, on time and on budget. It’s success defined, developed and anticipated before the project even begins and every step thereafter. There’s no cutting corners to fatten contractor profits.

It is our commitment to construction excellence and an ethos of integrity underlined in our core values that allows us to accurately predict construction outcomes and deliver on them. No excuses.