Chairman’s Message

Jeffrey A. Luter - President, Project Executive

If you are familiar with Fulcrum, and its reputation, you know that we stand for excellence and integrity in the construction industry.

Our reputation is built on almost two decades of commitment to putting our customer’s needs first. The facilities showcased here on our website, and so many others located throughout the region, literally stand as physical testimony to the confidence our clients have placed in us. We are grateful to them and also proud to have among the highest rates of returning customers in the industry.

Where does our success come from? Fulcrum’s core values serve as the keystone of everything we do. Our values are deeply rooted in our heritage and are as solid as the granite that underlies New Hampshire.

Briefly stated, our values demand that we have an exceptionally satisfied client; that we take pride in placing the Fulcrum name on our work; and that we treat all of our team members and stakeholders fairly. Only then, after these values are fulfilled, will we receive fair profit for our work.

To ensure we can always deliver, we also recognize the need to constantly improve. We add new technology and systems and broaden the knowledge and skills of our people to more efficiently execute our projects. And We always look for innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs’¨— by sharing and managing their risk, as well as aligning our performance with their needs and goals.

We deliver all of the expertise you would expect in a much larger firm with all the flexibility and attention to detail of a mid-sized company. At Fulcrum, our goal is not to become the largest construction management company but to continue to be the best.

Fulcrum understands the value of a corporate brand. We treasure ours. And, as a family company, we protect and improve the equity we have created in our brand heritage every day as we accomplish our work. We also truly believe that the facilities we construct reflect the brand promise of our clients. We know that before our clients can achieve success, we have to design and build facilities that operate to their exacting standards–safely, reliably, and on-budget. That’s what we do, regardless of job size or complexity.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about Fulcrum. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Jeffrey Luter, Chairman
[email protected]