Fulcrum Associates is committed to constructing projects with the highest degree of safety in the industry. We never lose sight of the fact that construction is one of the most hazardous professions in the United States; second only to mining. We meet, and endeavor to exceed, all environmental, state, and federal OSHA requirements. Through active training, monitoring, and motivation we make safety a priority; demonstrated by our Worker’s Compensation mod which has held steady at less than .80 for the past ten years.

Training is the underpinning of any Safety Program, and Fulcrum leads the industry when it comes to education. All Project Superintendents have completed the 30 hour OSHA Training Course, and all employees complete the 10 hr OSHA Training Course, as well as yearly certification in First Aid and CPR by the Red Cross. We strive for continuous improvement, with weekly safety meetings and ongoing training. We require all of our vendors and suppliers to maintain the same high standards and regard for safety as we do. Safety isn’t a catchy slogan at Fulcrum; it’s a commitment to the health and well-being of everyone that sets foot on one of our jobsites.

Fulcrum’s Safety Compliance procedures encompass the following:

  • Written Safety Policies
  • Project Specific Safety Policies
  • Jobsite Hazard Analysis
  • Training and Education
  • Safety Committees
  • Independent Third Party OSHA Style Inspections
  • Weekly Job Site Safety Meetings
  • Safety Orientation and Training Required of Every New Hire
  • Subcontractor Risk Management