Fulcrum Precon®


While many construction companies offer pre-construction services, only Fulcrum has developed a planning and execution platform that improves project scope and saves owners time and money from day one.

FulcrumPrecon® is a registered, proprietary pre-construction service offered exclusively by Fulcrum. It employs the most sophisticated software and computer tools available, adding the intuitive experience and expertise of our seasoned team to take your project from concept to reality.

FulcrumPrecon® is an open, collaborative process with the owner, and design team that defines the project’s character, constructability and scope and ultimately it’s final cost. It minimizes risk and maximizes project success while saving owners money.

With the FulcrumPrecon® process, project savings, risk mitigation and cost reductions are designed and managed right into a project before a shovel is even placed in the ground.

By using FulcrumPrecon® owners receive detailed front-end assessments of every component of their proposed project to identify project risks and leverage opportunities for improvement, expanded scope and savings. Owners have the information and certainty they need to make the best decisions.

FulcrumPrecon® Protects You

Every detail of the FulcrumPrecon® project process is transparent, open for review and discussion and deliberately designed to ensure our interests are directly aligned with yours.

FulcrumPrecon® acts as the owners advocate and in their exclusive interest from start to finish to ensure they receive the lowest possible price, the highest quality and that they receive every detail of scope contained within the approved construction plan.

Trust in every detail and truth in all we do gives our clients confidence that their project will be successful by all measures. Bottom line: you get a better building and a lower cost. Your project is done right, without surprises, on time and on budget.