Work in Progress: Hannaford Goffstown & Manchester

fulcrum Press Release

In late May, Fulcrum Associates was awarded the renovation/remodel projects for the Hannaford Supermarket locations in both Goffstown on 605 Mast Road and Manchester on 201 John Devine Drive. The scope of work for the Goffstown location includes exterior finishes, an upgrade to the front façade, interior décor, and refrigerated case replacement. The Manchester renovation is slightly more in-depth, including upgrades to the front façade materials, front sidewalk repairs, upgrade of exterior wall finishes on the sides and rear, new rooftop HVAC equipment, and various interior renovations involving new finishes, décor, shelving, and equipment. Work began to be put in place in mid-June, and, as of September, the team is working on replacing the refrigeration casing and flooring at both stores. The Goffstown location is scheduled to be completed January 2017, while the Manchester location will be completed in May 2017.
Harriman Architect and Engineers provide both the architectural and all engineering services for both projects.