With a long list of options available to them, LYMO selected Fulcrum as their construction partner for their new Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility. Being the industry leader in cladding systems, LYMO is often called upon to provide design assistance for projects they provide materials for. With that in mind, LYMO’s intention was to design their new building as a showcase to display their materials and installation systems. Fulcrum worked diligently with the design and ownership team providing pre-construct on services for an eight-month duration to evolve the building design and systems. Working with the design team and a knowledgeable owner, Fulcrum was able to leverage the strength of its sub-contractor partners early in the process and ultimately develop a project that conveyed the owner’s vision for form and function. The new building is comprised of a three-story office component presenting to the street with a high bay manufacturing facility to the rear. Additionally, there is a stand-alone accessory building to house material and finished product. Working closely with the design team, LYMO incorporated a large variety of their LYMO Rain Screen Panels and systems. The entire building cladding system creates a super insulated building envelope that exceeds the LEED Platinum performance criteria.