Why does Fulcrum endorse Construction Managment(CM) over traditional Design/Bid?build (D/B/B)?

There are many good reasons CM is a superior project delivery method to D/B/B, but here are the two most notable: 1. With CM the project cost is developed first, and the design evolves within the budget. Using CM your cost is identified very early in the planning phase, unlike D/B/B where you don’t know your actual cost until the GC bids are in, sometimes just days before the project is set to start. 2. With CM, you select your sub bidders from a pool of prequalified subcontractors. With D/B/B you prequalify your General Contractors but you have no way of knowing who is actually constructing your project. When price is the sole differentiator between GC bidders, a GC’s inclination is to go with the lowest cost subs, who can often be the least qualified.