Success Stories

[cs_content][cs_section parallax=”false” separator_top_type=”none” separator_top_height=”50px” separator_top_angle_point=”50″ separator_bottom_type=”none” separator_bottom_height=”50px” separator_bottom_angle_point=”50″ style=”margin: 0px;padding: 45px 0px;”][cs_row inner_container=”true” marginless_columns=”false” style=”margin: 0px auto;padding: 0px;”][cs_column fade=”false” fade_animation=”in” fade_animation_offset=”45px” fade_duration=”750″ type=”1/1″ style=”padding: 0px;”][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”false”]Client Testimonials[/x_custom_headline][x_blockquote cite=”Amy LaBelle and Cesar Arboleda – LaBelle Winery” type=”left”]Thank you for the amazing work you and your whole team performed on bringing our dream to life. Twelve years ago I began dreaming of what my winery would look and feel like and Fulcrum brought that dream to reality. Your thoughtful and experienced guidance throughout our entire project got our building done on time and beautifully. As new commercial developers, Cesar and I particularly appreciated your advice and guidance in our important decision making with respect to the project, and your graceful delivery of difficult news relative to costs or timelines. Sometimes, you were there to talk us off the ledge; other times you steered us away from what would have been a bad decision. From the bottom of our hearts, Cesar and I thank you for your excellent work on our project.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Scott A. Cote – Vice President of Facilities & Emergency Management – Southern New Hampshire Medical Center” type=”left”]During the construction phase Fulcrum demonstrated exemplary management skill, controlling schedule, budget and quality with great care and precision. They assembled a superb team of subcontractors, many of whom had long standing relationships with Fulcrum. The workmanship, attention to detail was of the highest quality, and after seven months of occupancy, the building is performing beyond our expectations.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Bill Greiner – Managing Partner – ASC Realty LLC” type=”left”]I wanted to write a brief note regarding the medical office building that Fulcrum built for ASC Realty at Bedford Medical Park last year. I am very pleased with not only the outcome and finished building, but with the process as well. We were able to save money not only due to diligent work on the part of Fulcrum, but value engineering as well. The tenants are the two largest medical organizations in the State of NH, and are both extremely satisfied with the quality of construction and attentions to detail. Not only was the project done on time and under budget, they found it to be an extremely straight forward and well organized process from start to finish.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Robert D. Claflin – President – Labsphere” type=”left”]Throughout the expansion, your attention to detail, coordination of all the sub-contractors and planning of the renovations in the various sites was highly professional and efficient.
Thanks again for the good work. I would be most happy to recommend Fulcrum for any future projects you might come across.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”John L. Stowell – Chief Financial Officer – Matrix Technologies Corp.” type=”left”]Your company’s attention to detail, commitment to quality workmanship and responsiveness to our needs are characteristics that you can be proud of.
In my capacity you can imagine that budgets are very important, so it was greatly appreciated that our $4.7 million project was both under budget and on time.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Scott A. Cote – Associate Vice President of Facilities & Emergency Preparedness – Southern New Hampshire Medical Center” type=”left”]The decision to work with Fulcrum was easy, and once again, was the right decision. Fulcrum was selected for this project from a field of qualified firms, not only for the qualifications they possessed; it was also based on Fulcrum’s reputation in the construction industry and their ability to be competitive in a challenging market.
Perhaps the greatest asset of the Fulcrum organization is that of its people. The Hudson project had both strong project management and site supervisory staff – ensuring what was promised and delivered. The Fulcrum staff viewed this project as the most important concern to them. Much of the finish work in the facility was self-performed by Fulcrum staff, saving time, money and ensuring excellent quality.

[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Mark Conrad – Business Administrator – Nashua School District” type=”left”]The staff at Fulcrum proved themselves more than equal to the task. They provided significant value engineering in working with structural engineers to identify solutions to complex engineering problems in quickly rebuilding walls that had never been grouted. They utilized their experience in purchasing and managing subcontractors to expedite quality work on a very tight timeframe, in a construction environment characterized by personnel shortages and high bid prices. The planning and logistics capabilities of Jeff Luter and his staff enabled the project to move forward through each phase without delay.

The project was delivered under budget in less than five months, with a certificate of occupancy delivered two weeks before the beginning of the 2001 -2002 school year. The quality of the work restored the faith of the Pennichuck community in the safety of the school.

The City of Nashua is indeed fortunate to have selected Fulcrum as the construction manager for what became a remarkable achievement in reconstructing Pennichuck Junior High School.
[/x_blockquote][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”false”]Architect Testimonials[/x_custom_headline][x_blockquote cite=”David Laurin, AIA – President – Banwell Architects” type=”left”]Your firm undertook a project that had everything going against it in terms of schedule and public sensitivity and just simply outperformed. Even when faced with unforeseen discoveries and added scope, you were still able to supply solutions and the manpower to meet the original schedule and stay under the budget cap.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Roger Dignard, RA, NCARB – Principal – Dignard Architectural Services” type=”left”]Your attention to detail ensured that the quality of the building envelope was there for the users’ comfort, long service life, and efficient energy performance. The building occupants seem very satisfied with their new space.

No project is ever without a few unanticipated bumps in the road, often outside of our design and construction team’s control. Fulcrum was effective in smoothing out the bumps and keeping it all on track.[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Scott DeLorme, RA, NCARB -Dignard Architectural Services” type=”left”]The quality of the work is what we and the client envisioned and in many cases better. With so many unique aspects to the work; your team took charge in researching and acquiring those special elements such as the signature Copper Door, zinc bar tops, timber trusses, and so much more.
[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Bruce R Hamilton, AIA – President -Bruce Ronayne Hamilton Architects Inc.” type=”left”]Acting as Construction Manager for the Scott Lawson project, Fulcrum Associates stands out as being among the finest and most professional organization that I have worked with.

Our firm considers Fulcrum Associates as Construction Manager a most valuable asset to our team. We consider this an honor and pleasure to provide this endorsement without reservation.

[/x_blockquote][x_blockquote cite=”Jeffrey B. Palmer -Treasurer – Palmer and Sicard Inc.” type=”left”]Our two companies have teamed up to complete numerous projects in the private sector. Fulcrum has a solid management team. Their project managers understand the importance of a good schedule and proper subcontractor coordination. Fulcrum’s field superintendents take great pride in their work and their attention to detail is of the highest quality.
[/x_blockquote][x_custom_headline level=”h2″ looks_like=”h3″ accent=”false”]Vendor Testimonials
[/x_custom_headline][x_blockquote cite=”Charles A. Hall – President -J. Lawrence Hall” type=”left”]Good relationships are very important in the construction process. We are proud to be associated with a construction company such as yours that does quality work and takes pride in all of their projects, and we look forward to many more years of construction projects with Fulcrum.