Employee Spotlight

  1. What inspired you to choose this career path?
    I liked art and (at the time) math. Architecture seemed like the right combination. But then I had to take safety classes and understand construction methods. Through those classes I found myself looking to understand more about buildings. I wanted to be a part of ground up construction.. to coordinate the progress, understanding the schedule and trades involved.
  2. Can you share a memorable moment or project that has significantly shaped your professional journey?
    My most memorable project so far is the Fisher Cats Stadium Renovation. There were 5 or 6 different work zones, multiple schedules running cohesively, close public apartments, and multiple parties involved in approvals. Like all projects, we hit a few snags, but it never deterred the project team from our end goal. Plus I was able to add some words to my vocabulary, including ‘bullpen’ and ‘strike zone’.
  3. Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or passions?
    At the end of everyday, I look forward to spending time with my dog. Whether it’s taking him for a walk, hyping him up for zoomies, or sitting next to him while we binge our next fav show. I’m also a big fan of hiking and enjoying nature. There’s nothing more calming than breathing in the fresh air after rainfall (which is needed in this line of work lol).